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The Worlds We Make online launch party!

me 2011

It’s launch day for The Worlds We Make, and that means it’s time to party! :D

All day, you can post questions or comments about the trilogy here on the blog, on Twitter (to @megancrewe), and over at the Facebook event page. I’ll answer those as I’m able. I’ll also be posting a couple of giveaway questions on the FB page, so keep an eye out!

From 8-9 pm EST, I’ll be hanging out in our very own Chatzy chat room answering questions live and offering various signed books via random draw and trivia questions about the trilogy. Link and password will be posted here and on the FB page shortly before 8pm. Hope you can join me there!

And all day, to celebrate the launch, you can fill out the form below to request a signed bookplate to put in your copy of The Worlds We Make. (Note to street team members: No need to request one here as you’ll already be getting one as part of your street team swag pack!) This is open to readers all over the world:

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Remember, if you’re a fan of the trilogy, there’s still time for you to get involved with the Fallen World Street Team, to help spread the word and win some awesome prizes. Details here!

Hope you enjoy the end of the Fallen World trilogy! :) It’s been a pleasure sharing Kaelyn’s story with you.

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Feb. 11th, 2014 11:06 pm (UTC)
Happy book birthday!
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