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-Note to self: If your arm is already sore from punching and blocking practice at yesterday's kung fu class, it is probably inadvisable to send half an hour playing Wii bowling with your boyfriend. Ow.

-I'm really not sure what to call Chris any more. I think of him as my "boyfriend". But we've been living together for long enough that legally we're married (common law), and we do plan on eventually being ceremonially married (not just common law). And in some situations (e.g., my professional bio, talking to businesses on the phone) I feel weird calling him my "boyfriend" because it sounds so... non-committal? unimportant? like if he's just my boyfriend why would I mention him? so I say "husband" instead.

-December came, and with it came winter. *sighs* We had some almost warm days last week, but now it's snowing and the wind's gotten bitter and I'm thinking it won't be long before I switch from my lighter, wool winter coat to my heavier, down winter coat. The nice thing is, living downtown now, at least I won't have to worry about trudging through knee-deep snow to get to work because the plows haven't gotten to the side streets yet. There are no side streets down here! ;)

-Speaking of which, Hazel is staring at the snowflakes through the window. Every now and then she jumps up and tries to catch them. All she manages to do is thump her paws against the glass. But it's very cute. I need to take more kitty pics and post them some time.
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