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So I sat down and interviewed my potential new main character today. I was having trouble feeling totally in her skin--she's not as extreme as Cass in Giving Up The Ghost, so I need to explore her personality more, understand all the nuances. I kept picturing her as a particular actress when I was thinking about what she might look like/sound like/move like before, but the actress is too old, so I found some early pictures of her and used a few, where she looks the right age, as inspiration.

Basically, I opened the picture on one side of my laptop screen, opened up the word processor on the other side, typed a question, and imagined how she would answer it. I started in the middle of things and let the conversation flow naturally, though I did nudge it toward major issues. Think I understand her a lot better now.

I also think the above makes me sound somewhat insane, but hey, I'm a writer, I'm allowed to be a little crazy, right? ;)

I need to pick up some research books from the library tomorrow, the ones I put on hold, and then I think I'll be ready to start outlining (the research relates to some major plot points I haven't worked out yet, and hopefully they'll give me a good enough grounding to figure that stuff out). I keep thinking about the story, and stumbling across little pieces that make the ideas I already have fit together even better. This makes me happy.
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