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Scouting potentials

I've come up with a solution to the serious-complicated story problem. I seem to have this habit of attempting story ideas that are just beyond what I'm really capable of as a writer right now. (I think, for example, that "Frozen" could be a brilliant, brilliant story... but I'm not a brilliant writer yet, so it's going to have to settle for fairly good.) But, theoretically, what was beyond me a couple years ago should now be the perfect speed. So I've been digging up my archived stories and sifting through them, looking for potentials.

Why do I suddenly feel like I'm on Buffy?

We shall see how that works. Knowing me, I'll probably take the story idea and in the updating up it make it ten times as complicated, with a splash of chaos for good measure.

Not sure whether to get started on one of those today, or to mess around with "Frozen". Probably "Frozen". I want to have at least that in the mail before I set off for Britain. And hopefully "Hack", too.

Speaking of which, someone thinks I should turn "Hack" into a novella. Which is kind of funny, because the idea started as a novel, which I may or may not write, and what's in "Hack" began with my speculating over how one of the main characters got to be the way he is. There must be something novel-ish about Mark. I don't think I'm going to go the novella route (I don't think that's what the story wants), but I am going to have to perform those amazing fiction physics whereby the story expands and contracts simultaneously. Wheee!

I may not be able to conjure monsters with pen and paper, but you will never convince me that story-weaving isn't a magic of its own order.

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