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If my writing could take me anywhere, these are some places I'd like to go.

The Dream: Writing as sole career. It'd be wonderful to be able to put all the energy and time that goes into my "real" job into my writing instead.
The Reality: Very very few people make their living off their writing. On the other hand, I make less than $30,000 a year right now and get on just fine with that. So I suppose, in time, if I wrote good enough books and wrote them quickly enough, it's not impossible. I'd also be quite happy just to supplement my income and work fewer shifts.

The Dream: Having enthusiastic fans. Some writers seem adverse to this, but I'd love to have readers who enjoyed my work enough to write fanfiction based on it. And if they created LJ communities about it or wrote lovely fanmail, that'd be pretty much fantastic.
The Reality: Well, presumably if the books get published, someone will be reading them. Whether I get up capturing people's imaginations to that extent depends on many things beyond my control. All I can do is write what captures mine.

The Dream: Seeing one of my books turned into a movie. Just the idea that a book would garner that much interest makes me giddy.
The Reality: Even if the rights get sold, the movie hardly ever gets made. And even if it did, the Hollywood writers could very well change the story all around and cast actors I hate. Not to mention I don't think most/any of my novel ideas lend themselves easily to movies. But that's okay. I'll just make up the movies in my head. ;)

So, what are some of your writing dreams?
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