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Christmas night

That was a lovely Christmas. Chris loved the stuff I got for him even more than I had hoped, and everyone else seemed to enjoy their gifts a lot. I got tons of books, and this and that thing I'd been wanting/needing. I found out that my grandmother is a big Veronica Mars fan, which was both surprising and very cool. :D I had no idea she'd even heard of the show! I brought cheese from the cheese shop near our apartment for our cheese and cracker lunch, which received lots of compliments, so I think I'm the official cheese-bringer now. We played Skip-Bo and chatted a lot and had a very big and filling dinner.

One of the best things, I commented to Chris on the way home, was that for the first time I was able to talk with my family about my writing career as if it really is a legitimate career and not just a hobby. I mentioned the possibility of working less at the "real" job if the novels did well, and everyone nodded and acknowledged that like it was perfectly natural, when I half expected them to say "well, don't count your chickens yet, you can't be sure," etc. My parents and my grandmother are generally practical people, and while they've been supportive of my writing, they were always quick to remind me not to put too much stock in it. But now, it seems, I've passed over some barrier, where I really am a writer, not just someone hoping to be a writer. (For them--for me I've been a writer for a long time.)

I've never called myself a writer when people ask me what I do--I always refer to the "real" job, and maybe mention the writing in passing. Mostly because, with most people, what they mean when they ask that question is, 'how do you make money?' If/When Giving Up The Ghost sells, though, that's going to change. I'll be a writer first with everyone, instead of just with myself.

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas (if you celebrate) as much as I did!
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