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Did a lot of mindless internet wandering today--hey, it's my weekend day, I'm allowed! ;) And I did go to kung fu, pick up some groceries, and spend a couple hours on research and story brainstorming, too.

Random good things I feel like mentioning:

-Creamed cottage cheese! Chris and I discovered this amazing food through our employers, who happened to bring some for a weekend-shift lunch back when we usually spent lunch there. I'm not a huge fan of regular cream cheese (find it can be a little bland, and I know it's not good for me), but this stuff... Consider that cottage cheese is, like, 10x healthier than cream cheese, plus it's much more flavorful, and with this stuff, you can use it just like cream cheese (yummy bagel spread!). We buy half a pound once a week, and it's gone in a few days.

-Sleep mask! More and more, I'm finding I can't get to sleep with even a little light hitting my eyes. One of the few downsides of living downtown is that it's always somewhat light outside, even at night. There's no window in the bedroom, but there's a gap of a few inches between the sliding door and the ceiling, and that's enough to keep me awake. So I finally bought a sleep mask. Wow! Darkness! What a concept. The style I got is designed so that it doesn't press on the eyelids, and I can blink without feeling it, which is nice. I'm already getting to sleep much faster than before.

Sleep is good.
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