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A little tour around my writing space:

Desk Space
Where I'm sitting right now, where I do all my internet stuff, where I enter revisions and make minor changes. You can't tell here, but it's in a corner of our main living space, with a wooden screen sectioning it off from the living room area.

1--My faithful eMac. Three years old and running just as well as the day I got it.
2--Jack Skellington. Because who doesn't need a Jack? (Bought in London during last year's trip to the UK.)
3--Index card file where I keep notes on various novel ideas, and notes on where other notes on those ideas are in my vast collection of notebooks.
4--The afore-mentioned sticky notes on drawer unit.
5--Scrap paper for jotting random notes on, created when my printer ran out of ink in the middle of printing In Memory Of for an agent. (Great timing, that printer has.)
6--One of those numerous notebooks.
7--My library books, kept separate from my owned books so I don't forget to return/renew/read them. Bonus points to anyone who can identify the blue-covered book on the right!
8--Wrist supports, to stave off carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chair Space
Where I write my first drafts and full rewrites (the chair's right beside the desk--you can see the library books on the left side)

1--My super-comfy writing chair. 'Nuff said.
2--Refreshments! (One of my friends got me a Jelly Belly gumball machine for my birthday. :D )
3--The new iBook, in protective gear.
4--Box containing all of my important, full notebooks (that is, notebooks containing notes on stories I may yet write--the other, mostly older notebooks are in a trunk in the bedroom).
5--My reference books fill five sections of the built-in shelving. Mostly mythology, with some history, crime, supernatural, and writing books thrown in.
6--The two books I was using most recently: A Writer's Book of Days for writing prompts and The Viking World to help me flesh out the premise for Loki's Boy.
7--My favourite thesaurus, The Synonym Finder. My big fat dictionary is usually there, too, but Chris has it over by his desk right now. (On this computer, I turn to the internet dictionaries and thesauri, but when I'm doing real writing I usually have this computer, and thus the internet, turned off. Trust me, it's better that way.)

Both look deceptively neat. I cleaned up over the holidays. :D
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