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How to piss off a writer in one easy step

So my web host is still working this morning. I've just signed up with a new one anyway.

Why? It's all about communication.

The host's support staff sent out a couple of e-mails over the last few days, each time saying the problem had been fixed, and then the next day the server would be down again. Fair enough. They also promised that a report on the problem would be posted on Monday. Still haven't seen that. Haven't heard from them at all since Monday.

In the meantime, several site owners were discussing the problem in the host's forums. There were a couple of small threads and one long one, mostly people complaining that there had been no communication from the host, and asking for the support people to give an update. I added my thoughts once, and checked regularly all yesterday to see if anyone had heard any news. Nope.

This morning, I headed over again, and what did I discover? The host had deleted all the threads relating to the server problem. Still no report, no message at all relating to the problem, no indication that they'd changed anything, nothing. Nor did they e-mail clients. So not only are they refusing to communicate with us about what's going on, they don't want us communicating with each other, either.

I will put up with a lot of things, but being censored by a company I am paying is not one of them.
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