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Busy Day

I was supposed to do a focus group before work today--I'm registered with this market research company that pays really well for you to go in and talk about one product or another. Only done it once before now because usually the groups happen in the early evening when I'm still at work, but the timing for this one was perfect. So I show up fifteen minutes early as instructed, hang out in the waiting room reading my book (On The Road, now) for twenty-five minutes, and then one of the employees comes in and tells me and one other woman that we can leave--they only needed two people, and four showed up. And I still got paid! Easiest $60 I ever made.

With my extra time, I headed up to one of the biggest libraries in the city, looked through some issues of Skeptical Inquirer (lots of great story ideas in those), did some more reading, then headed to work.

Both my shift and the meeting afterward went smoothly, though there was one dark spot I am not going to blog about publicly. (For those who are Friended, it had mildly to do with this.) But it was only a small dark spot. Overall, a good day.
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