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One chapter down, god knows how many to go

I pretty much finished the first chapter of Possessing Lucy today. I say "pretty much" because I was typing the last sentences right as it was time to leave, so I'll probably poke at them a little before I get into chapter two. It's standing at about 2400 words right now.

Based on outline, I should have 26 chapters, though the last two are going to be short and may end up combined. So I suspect I'm looking at another 60,000 word novel, since that's how they tend to fall anyway. Hey, almost 1/20 of the way done. Go me! ;)

There's a lot of back story and urban-fantasy-type world building I'm trying to work in without being info-dumping or suspense-killing... I think that's the main thing I'm going to need the writer's group for, telling me what things they didn't need to know yet, and what questions they had where I didn't explain things (unless I've gotten good at overcompensating for my usual weaknesses, there will be much more of the latter than the former).

Something I'm particularly focusing on with this novel is tension. I want to end every chapter with something left unknown or on the verge of happening, so the reader wants to keep reading. (Not necessarily a cliff-hanger, but a hint that something more, something interesting, is just about to happen.) I want Lucy to have very few moments of relaxation--there will be lulls, but I want eye of the storm type lulls, not one part of the story is done, the next hasn't started yet type lulls. This is the first novel I've written that has enough plot that I can really do this, so we'll have to see how that goes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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