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I've been meaning to do an end-of-the-month book run down for January (I've read enough that it seems worthwhile, and I'm afraid I'll forget what I liked about which if I wait until the end of the year), but time keeps getting in the way. I need more!

Maybe tomorrow.

Much of that time, of course, is going to my book. Another chapter, another 2000 words (total approx. 4400), one more to go before I let anyone see it. This chapter flowed really well, Lucy was talking with the boy she's crushing on, and I like him, too, so it was fun just letting the characters interact. Love those scenes that almost write themselves.

Also did lots of brainstorming on the public transit. I've gotten to the point where the novel has completely invaded (possessed? ;) ) my mind, and I walk around hardly noticing my surroundings because I'm playing scenes out in my head. This is a fun point. I come up with a lot of my best story developments and character quirks like that.
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