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Crazy Cats

I think one of our cats has learned to play fetch.

This morning, Fiver was playing with a fuzzy ball we got for them a few days ago. He and Hazel love those toys, batting them around, carrying them in their mouths, racing after them when we toss them (our apartment is pretty open concept, so I can throw it from one end of the living room, past the kitchen, and down the front hall). Now, usually we toss, and the cats go running after, and then if we want to toss it again we have to go over and pick it up where they left it.

Today I picked up the ball, tossed it, and Fiver went running after it. Same as usual. But after he'd batted it around a few times, he picked it up in his mouth and carried it back to the chair I was standing beside. Very convenient for me! There wasn't anything very unusual about it happening once, because he likes to play with the ball lying on the chair. Anyway, I grabbed it, and lobbed it across the room again.

Fiver ran after it, picked it up, and brought it back.

We did it five or six times, in a pretty set routine--I'd throw it, he'd chase it, play with it, and bring it back to the chair. Then he got tired of the game, and didn't bring it back. Chris and I speculated about whether this was a fluke, or if he'd really learned that the game worked better when he brought the ball back to me rather than waiting for me to go find it.

An hour later, he was playing with the ball again, and stopped and stared at me. So I thought, what the heck, went over and threw it for him. And we played fetch again, going back and forth ten times until he got tired out and flopped on the floor. This time he didn't even stop to play with it after he got it--he'd race after, pick it up as soon as he caught it, and come trotting right back to me. A couple times I thought maybe he was done, because he walked slow coming back, and I started petting him, but he'd step away from me and look at the ball rather pointedly. Heh. Maybe he thought he was training me.

So, it appears my cat has been possessed by a dog, or something like that. ;)

And because this is a kitty post, I am going to post some pictures I've taken over the last few months. After all, the cats would like to meet my new LJ Friends!

This is Fiver, with one of his most frequent expressions, which at this moment probably means, 'Would you stop pointing that thing at me?'

It's remarkably similar to the 'Would you put me down already?' and 'Would you quit petting me and feed me?' expressions.

And this is Hazel, who is more into meek and pleading gazes.

At the moment this picture was taken, she was pleading with me to let her sit on my lap.

Both of the cats have some odd habits. They enjoy eating lettuce and as mentioned above, at least one of them is learning to play fetch. They also like to perch in odd places.

Hazel is partial to the gap on the kitchen bookcase (she's on the fourth shelf up):

Fiver prefers electronic devices like Chris's printer (he even printed out a test sheet once):

And then there was the time I left the dryer open for five minutes while I put away the load of clothes, and Chris called me over to get the camera:

Well, I guess 'curious' is in the job description. Fiver handles that responsibility for both himself and Hazel. :D
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