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Just back from my writers group meeting, at which the first three chapters of Possessing Lucy got chewed over, and also I ended up explaining a bunch of the 'what happens next' stuff, which also got chewed over. And all that is good, because it came to light that there was a pretty big plausibility problem, and a related over-complicated plot problem (this is what I get for trying to write a semi-mystery), and after a lot of discussion someone said something that clicked, and made all the pieces I wanted to keep come together in a slightly different but much smoother way.

I'm glad I figured this out now, rather than after I'd written the entire thing, because it'll mean I can fix everything from here on in this draft, and only have the first ten chapters to tweak the plot into line when I'm writing the second draft. (Not that I won't be tweaking any plot afterward, but at least this hole will be filled.) What I intend to do is take my outline, rewrite it to adjust for the new development, continue writing from where I am now (mid-way through chapter 11) from the new outline, and adjust the earlier stuff to the new outline on the second draft.

I just hope I don't end up realizing that I need to change a whole bunch more than I realized to make it work. Well, if it turns out changing a bunch more stuff would make the story so much better, that would actually be good. But if that stuff is in the first ten chapters, too, I may end up wanting to start over, and I don't really want to restart the rough draft.

So basically, I really hope I realize that what I'd already planned is quite brilliant with the exception of a few nudges here and there, not a big pile of crap. ;) Wish me luck!


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Feb. 12th, 2007 01:55 am (UTC)
Eeek! You're bringing to the surface many of the fears I have about trying a semi-mystery. I've been considering it for a bit now, and I'm still mulling it over now, but with much trepidation.
Gotta love critiques, though. Aren't they great?
Feb. 12th, 2007 03:55 pm (UTC)
Mysteries are fun! And there's never any harm in trying, right? :) I'm finding it difficult because I usually write more character-oriented stories, and there's a lot more plot in this than I'm used to, but it'd definitely doable. Just can take a while to wrap your mind around a new approach.

And I must agree, critiques are wonderful. There's so much I just don't see until someone points it out to me.
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