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Making a jump

I'm getting close to finishing Possessing Lucy (recently passed 50,000 words), and I've been thinking a lot about the problems I've noticed while writing the first draft. One of the biggest ones is that there's a whole lot of back-story that explains what happens in the actual novel, which I've struggled to work into the story in a cohesive and non-info-dumpy way.

Today I started thinking, with the plot changes I've made, it would now be a lot easier to have some of that back-story in the actual story. Originally the events that happen in the novel were supposed to happen at least a few months after the back-story; now, I could probably make it a few weeks without it straining credibility. The only issue is, nothing really important happens in those three weeks between the important back-story and the important current story. What I'd end up with is a few chapters spread out over a couple of weeks, a jump of three to four weeks, and then the rest of the story covering about a week.

I'm sure it's possible to do this, but it'd be a lot trickier to pull off than a completely straight forward storyline with no time jumps and fairly consistent pacing. Does anyone have an suggestions about pulling this sort of thing off? Or of books that manage to do a jump like that well?
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