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One down, two to go

Did the final edit of "Frozen" today. I cannot look at it again. I'm afraid if I do I'll notice a whole bunch of things wrong with it and it'll never leave the house. I've already gone back to it three times because of sudden panic attacks that maybe something isn't quite right only to find it was actually okay.

I updated the excerpt on the Current Works page. If anyone is dying the read the whole revised thing, I will comply and send it along. As long as you promise not to tell me any of your opinions on it. ;)

Tomorrow: second draft of "Tongue-Tied" so I can get crits on it and maybe even have it out before I go, and final edits on "Hack", for which I still cannot think of a better name, before it's ready for the mailbox, too.

Am almost entirely packed. Yet still am incapable of comprehending that I will be in Britain in four days.

Am also kind of annoyed because while the first part of the trilogy I'm reading grabbed me and kept me up much later than was practical, I came to the "twist" at the end only to realize it was exactly what I'd suspected ten pages in.

I think this is a writers' problem. I spend so much time figuring out characters and plot lines and how to best express them and structure things. Then I go read, and the foreshadowing jumps up and socks me. It impresses me more than anything when a book can surprise me without cheating (having a surprise which doesn't follow logically from what happened before).

It's hard. I know, because I try to do it myself--write a story that, if I hadn't written it, would surprise me in that way. It's damned hard.

But hey, at least the trying's fun. :)

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