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And... it's done!

I thought I was going to leave the very end of Possessing Lucy for tomorrow, but it started itching at me and I just had to get it done. So it is! Done, that is. Well, the rough draft is done. The whole thing needs a lot of work, so no doubt it will be at least a few more drafts before I feel it's really done, but hey, this is as close to done as I'm getting right now, so I'm going to enjoy it! ;)

Of course, my enthusiasm has been a little dampened by the fact that it took me the last half an hour to get the finished file off my laptop and onto my desktop computer. Usually I just email the current version to myself, but today the internet's being super slow, and it wasn't loading the attachment. So through some networking acrobatics, it went from the laptop to Chris' computer to mine. Now there are copies everywhere! I am never so paranoid about backing up as right after I've finished a novel.
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