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I've been struggling with Possessing Lucy for the last few days--I can tell as it is there's too much going on, it's not focused enough, the emotional power is diluted because I'm spreading it too thin... But figuring out what I can cut out while keeping a story I want to tell has been difficult.

In the end, what helped me the most was yesterday, thinking about the story and what I'd connected with, in it, I remembered the kernel it sprouted from. The mystery, the noir elements, the creepy dark stuff. And I realized I'd moved too far away from that, and made other things more important, and in doing so I'd overwhelmed the things I loved about the idea.

So now I'm brainstorming and re-outlining and re-character developing, and I'm feeling a lot more positive about how it's turning out. I'm hoping some time next week I can start actually re-writing! I'm going to be keeping a lot of what's already there, but in a much changed form, so I doubt I'll be looking at the first draft a lot. More to find the little bits and pieces that did really work than for the structure or full scenes.

Helping me along the way has been this site, which someone (I forget who) on my Friends list linked to a while back, about plotting: The Essentials of Plot. And robinellen's recent post has given me a lot of jumping off points, as well. So thank you to both of you!
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