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Across the sea I go

I'll be leaving tomorrow morning for Britain, and probably won't be updating the journal until after I return on June 5th. I will, however, continue to check my e-mail periodically, as I'm able (sometimes the mlcrewe.com server is difficult about signing in on other computers), and responding to anything particularly urgent.

Put "Hack" (still so-titled) in the mail today, bringing my number of submissions out up to nine. One of the nice things about going away is that I'll be distracted from worrying about their fate. Obviously, this is something I should do more often. ;) I decided to leave "Tongue-Tied" until I get back, because I really wouldn't be able to give it my full concentration right now. Plus the British experience may very well contribute to the folk-tale feel of it.

For those who are wondering, I'll be starting and ending in London, and in between traveling to Wales via Stone Henge (can't miss that!) and Bath, spending a bit of time there on the south and northern coasts, then passing through the Lake District on my way to Scotland. Will be wandering around Glencoe and the Isle of Skye for a little while before heading down to York and then back to London. I've promised to take lots of pictures and if any turn out particularly nice, perhaps I'll share them here when I get back.

I'm also going to be lucky enough to meet a couple of long-time internet friends and fellow writers: Ludi and sallyrei. (Ludi's also a spectacular artist, and going to be my official character portrait person--check out her stuff here.) And I plan to be very inspired by everything I see. I have a notebook and half a dozen pens in my day bag, and my muse, I think, is already off on an early flight. :) It's going to be good.

I hope you all stay well and happy.

Until later,

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