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The secret to long life, love, and happiness...

...or maybe just a writer's strategy.

So I'm studying for my Adolescent Development midterm (fun fun), and there's a little section on creativity and how to encourage it. One of the points says "Foster flexible and playful thinking" and continues with this:

"Although creativity takes effort, the effort goes more smoothly if [taken] lightly."

Way to sum up my problem in 15 words or less. *laughs* I've been so focused on gotta get some writing done, gotta get those stories out there so I can start making a name and start getting read and work my way up that I started taking it too seriously. Do or die, write the perfect story, be all you can be... er... yeah. Paging mlc. Remember why you write in the first place? Because you love it, because it makes you happy, because it's so goddamned fun? Like, duh. *rolls eyes* Stereotypical-teen-self says, forget publishing, who the hell cares, write to enjoy, and worry about that other crap later. Sometimes older does not make wiser.

Who says you don't learn anything about life in school?

The difficult part is, implimenting it. I mean, it's all well and good to know what to do, but how do you reprogram your brain so you don't start thinking how's this going? is it any good? is it original enough? edgy enough? blah blah blah everytime you scribble on a blank page?

Well, as with everything, you try.

Older self: See? I can be wise, too. ;)

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