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Writing retreat + life

We got confirmation on the cottage--the writing retreat is officially a go! :D Six of us will be heading up in mid-August for a few days of writing and discussion and of course some relaxation as well. If it goes well, we're thinking of trying to get a bigger one going next year, invite people not in the writers group. Could be interesting!

The wedding yesterday was lovely. The bride (my coworker) was so happy through the whole thing, it was wonderful to see. And the boys (Chris and I got a ride with the family we work with) had a great time, bopping to the music and seeing so many people they knew. The older boy sang during the wedding ceremony and did a beautiful job (sometimes he's a little silly, or shy, or both, but he wasn't either this time).

Camp's been going well, too. The boys love it so it's fun to be there with them, despite the long days. The weather's been a little humid/rainy but not too hot yet, so almost ideal.

And, well, that's pretty much been my entire life the last week. :)
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