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The 'I survived another week at camp' post

Just one more week to go, and I will be back to at least semi-regular blogging!

Camp itself is still going well--the boy I'm with made a lot of progress in some of his skills (we went from paddling the canoe with me guiding his hands most of the time, to him paddling on his own with only occasional verbal reminders to keep going while I used my own paddle--yay!) and the weather's been a bit cool, which is good when you're running around outside all day.

I cannot believe how hard it is to stay protected from the sun, though. I smear on waterproof 50 sunscreen in the morning and after each swim, and we stay in the shade whenever possible, and I've still gotten dark on my arms and freckled on my face!

Chris and I have our four year anniversary (for our first date) on Tuesday. Camp lets out a bit early, so we'll probably get off work early that day, and have a more relaxing dinner at a restaurant we have not yet decided on. And we're going to see a play in the city's Fringe Festival tomorrow evening, which should be fun, too.

The one thing I've been able to squeeze in around work is reading. I have so many YA books coming from the library and the review site I write for, but I'm squeezing in an adult book here and there, too. I love YA, but variety is important, for perspective and all those things. ;) So many books, so little time!
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