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Adventures in outlining

I've been a bit lazy and not getting as much done as I'd like on Inner Demons during my days off. And also Chris and I were out and about all weekend so there wasn't a great deal of time. I did sit down and write out the progression of ten different plot threads yesterday, each thread on its own index card. Today, I sat down to try to outline scene-by-scene while flipping through those, and realized I really needed a stronger sense of which plot points and character development points happened where relative to each other. So I ended up creating this:

One column for each thread, spaced out so parallel developments are, well, parallel. (The image only captures the part that could fit on my screen; it goes on for about half a screen further below.) I was pleased with how easy it was to pace things out this way, and see which things needed to go together, and it allowed me to see where two vaguely defined events could become the same single event. And also which few events were the big-big-impact events that I'd want to build towards.

The only problem is I can't print it (too wide). So I'll have to do the actual scene-by-scene outlining sitting in front of the computer. But I think I'll survive.

Off to do my exercise, and eat something lunch-like, and then back to the outlining! With a little luck, I'll be re-starting the first draft tomorrow morning (or even tonight, if I'm really ambitious :D ).
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