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I feel so happy and productive. :D I wrote out the complete outline for Inner Demons yesterday evening, which ended up being 34 index cards at one scene per card... Most amount of scenes I've ever had for a novel since I started outlining this way (I think the longest outline for Possessing Lucy was 27 or 28, and Giving Up The Ghost was around 20). Some of the scenes are probably going to be less than a full chapter in length, so I would guess-timate about 30 chapters. Toward the end my planning gets a little shaky but I can figure out that stuff as I get there.

And this morning, I wrote 3500 words, which was previously the first chapter but ended up being the first chapter and part of the second. Woohoo! It went really well, too--I tried to start in 3rd person but it felt so wrong I quickly gave up and went back to first, which flowed so nicely, and I managed to fit in bits I hadn't the first time around that I think will fill in the gaps I was worried about. And it was fun! Most important part of writing. Except a Teaser Tuesday post shortly, my first in a while.

In additional excitement, I got two packages in the mail--one being my new USB flash drive (I realized while at the cottage for the writers retreat that I had no way of backing up files when I wasn't at home) and the other my first official BPAL order (when I first got into it, the long wait time on orders discouraged me and I just purchased second-hand). The drive works extremely well--no drivers, just plugged it in--it's a Kingston Data Traveler, and the 256 MB one was very inexpensive, if anyone's looking for one for themselves. I got to try it out right away to transfer my process on Inner Demons from the laptop to the desktop.

I kind of wanted to keep writing, but I figured that's a good place to leave off, so it'll be easy to jump back in tomorrow. I've got a review to write and some brainstorming to do for another project, and this evening Chris and I are going to a kung fu seminar where we're going to learn a little-known staff form from our sifu's sifu. Can't wait!
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