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As many as six impossible things

Am suffering from sudden bout of writer's envy. There are far too many people in the world who have gotten novels published before me. This should not be allowed. Harrumph.

Er, yeah.

The stupid part is it's not like I wouldn't have a chance at getting a novel published... once I get around to actually writing a novel I like. (Actually, is it that, or is it the fact that I've already written seven of the damned things and still haven't unearthed one I can stand?) Must do so immediately. Much more productive than wallowing in writer's envy, after all. And now that "Tongue-Tied" is rewritten for the last time (with only minor edits left before shipping it off to Realms of Fantasy), there are no excuses for procrastination.

Contract to self: I will have a novel written by the end of the summer, and ready for agent-shopping by the end of the year. Sign on the dotted line.


P.S. Go read The Eyre Affair. It's like the Hitchhiker's Guide of literary meta-fiction. And it explains who wrote Shakespeare. Much fun is had by all.
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