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Cottage pics!

But first...

Today's word count = 3000 words, give or take a few. Finished chapter 3, despite the first half of it being completely different from the old version. Woot!

Okay, now the cottage pics. :D callaleia, one of my fellow writers group members, took a bunch of pics while we were at the retreat.

The cottage as seen from the driveway. Nice and foresty!

A shot from the living room, showing the dining room and looking into the kitchen. Note the cedar walls. The whole place smelled lovely.

The large deck where many of us spent time writing.

The view down from the deck, over the lake.

The view looking up at the cottage from the dock. That winding wooden thing is the wheelchair ramp--very scary navigating at night! ;)

The six of us on the dock shortly before it was time to leave. I'm front left. :)
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