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Okay, first, writerly things. 3300 words on Friday, 3000 words yesterday, some of those completely new (I finished chapter 5, which was only halfway done before). None so far today--morning and afternoon were pretty busy, and I have a headache now so I'm not sure I'll get much done. I'm doing a week of longer shifts starting tomorrow (because the kids are back, but don't have camp or school), but I'm still hoping to get at least 1000 words per morning in. On Inner Demons, for now, of course.

In other news--I got my gold sash in kung fu today! Yay! This makes me very happy because 1) the gold sash is prettier than the white sash and, more importantly, 2) the white sash, even though I had to complete one form just to get that, still felt very newbie/beginner to me. The gold, to me, says I'm starting to get somewhere, moving toward intermediate.

It's interesting, I was noticing today in kung fu class how the learning isn't that different from learning in writing. You reach these peaks where you realize you've absorbed some technique almost without realizing it, that it's become unconscious, part of your automatic repertoire, instead of something you have to remind yourself to pay attention to.
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