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In Praise of the BIC Method

You all know what BIC stands for, right? That great stand-by, when you need to get some writing done and you're just not feeling it--Butt In Chair. :D

I realized today, after I procrastinated a bit about doing my words for Inner Demons (1300, BTW), that it really is the best strategy I've ever found. You know many writing books advise that you come up for these rituals to let your mind know it's time to write? My only ritual is sitting in that chair. Because I have a special chair that's just for writing. Ever since I moved out of my parents' place, I've had a writing chair: first a wing chair in the "library" in the first apartment, now a leather computer chair in the loft. I can be having the most scattered day ever, and feel completely unmotivated, but when I sit in that chair, just sit, not even picking up a notebook or the laptop, after a few minutes my thoughts start tumbling back toward the story, and I go, okay, time to get started. That's my cue.

And realizing that, today, I also realized how absolutely awesome it is to have something that does that for me. I'll have to remember to get my butt into the chair sooner on those procrastinating days!

What about the rest of you? Do you have a ritual that gets you in that writing frame of mind?
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