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Travelin' plans are made

Got a little distracted from my writing plans today, because when I checked my email this morning I found out Air Canada was having a sale on tickets to Europe. Woot! I thought I was going to have to wait another couple months before they got around to having spring sales.

So I spent most of the morning, and a good portion of the time after I got back from work, jiggling the dates until I found the ones that worked best (for both timing and cost), and booking, and looking into accomodations. It's official now! We're going to Italy in the middle of March (to coincide with our employer's March Break vacation)--Rome for five nights, Naples for three, Venice for two.

Hee. I can't wait. I haven't seen mainland Europe at all, and I've wanted to see Italy since I took those Latin courses back in high school. (I'm going to see Pompeii! I translated stories about Pompeii! So cool. :D )
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