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So tired. It's been a fun weekend, but also very busy. Saturday I was at the Particules of Narrative conference all day, which while very enjoyable was also very brain-stretching and thought-provoking and rather wore me out. ;) Today I worked in the morning and early afternoon, and then went straight from work to my mom's for her birthday visit, and just got home a half hour ago. Tomorrow is a working Monday, so I don't have a day off without major plans until next Sunday. *deep breath* I will survive!

Tomorrow I hope to write up my thoughts on libation's YA so I can finally send her my feedback, and also to write up some notes on the conference to let you know what Philip Pullman and Megan Whalen Turner and the rest had to say. Tonight, I think I'm going to stick to watching a little TV and then falling into bed. :)
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