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If I see The Halfway Hero through to the end this time, I think it may be my first sort-of (because I'm not officially registered) NaNoWriMo novel! Which is kind of cool. I always wanted to do NaNo, but November never ending up being a good writing month for me, and since I manage to get a fair bit of writing done, fairly quickly, at other times of year, I didn't force it. But hey. I got up early this morning, and wrote the next two chapters--just under 6000 words! Of course, good chunks of that I was able to lift from my earlier draft, which I'm now almost at the end of, so I doubt I'll be repeating such a burst of productivity any time soon. But at 11,300 words, I'm now caught up to where I'd need to be for NaNo (on a per-day basis) as word counts go. Woohoo!

I'm finding myself thinking about structure quite a bit. Are too many things happening in this chapter? Is that chapter long enough? Chapters two and three combined are about the same length as chapter four on its own, so maybe I'll end up merging them. Or splitting up chapter four. Or leaving them uneven. My sense of what works is mostly instinctive, so I have to guess and go with whatever seems best in the moment.

In non-writing related news, I cooked shark last night! (It was on sale at the grocery store, and I promised Chris that I'd cook it, because it didn't seem fair to bring home shark and then tell him to figure out what to do with it. ;) ) It actually turned out pretty well. Recipe here, if anyone's curious.
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