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I am mean. Like, really really mean. Elizabeth would totally make that face at me. I just finished torturing my main character, and in the next chapter I am going to do something, like, a hundred times worse to him. I was thinking about that scene and feeling all sad for Jarad, and it's not even written yet. I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when it is. Maybe I'm not so mean if I feel guilty about it? ;)

Of course, I'm also kind of enjoying it... There's something about high fantasy (as opposed to urban) that makes me feel much more comfortable going to those hard, cruel places. Maybe because in those sort of societies people had to deal with a lot more of the hard stuff?

But really! It's all worth it in the end! *hugs Jarad and pats his head*

Just passed 39,000 words. Six more chapters to go. I'm guess-timating a 55,000 word total, which is a little short for me, but still acceptable. Right now I'm kind of sick (sticky throat :P ) so I think I'll leave the particularly mean scene for tomorrow.
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