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A report from the trenches

I was working in the school again today, and the first thing the kids did was have silent reading time. This is a grade six class, so not too far off my theoretical audience's age, and just about right for many of my LJ Friends. So I figured I'd engage in a little market research and observe whatall they were reading.

Four kids (all girls, as far as I recall) were reading Series of Unfortunate Events books.

Five kids (all boys) were reading supernatural/horror (2 Darren Shan fans, one Goosebumps, one book about ghosts, and one I couldn't see the title of but it had a spooky font/coloring so I'm guessing).

One kid (boy) reading possibly my favorite MG of all time (The Witches by Roald Dahl).

Two girls whispering over one of those tween celebrity magazines.

A few kids reading stuff I didn't recognize but looked like fairly mainstream stuff.

The rest either weren't actually reading or I couldn't see their books. In any case, it appears that if you want to appeal to that class, you'd better be Lemony Snicket or writing something scary. :)
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