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Hurray for index cards!

Finished the outline for the first Signi book. 22 scenes which will probably equal 22 chapters. Wondering whether I should just number chapters or name them also. Naming is fun but often difficult to do well. Still am uncertain about what it will be titled (hopefully something will strike me as I go) and whether it is the first book in a trilogy, quartet, or longer series (most likely one of the former). Ah well, there's something to be said for mystery.

It also occurred to me that the most obvious translation of Signi would be Signs, so, in case there is any confusion, I would like to state that the novel will not contain a) aliens, b) tinfoil hats, or c) Mel Gibson pulling faces like he just swallowed a toad. Sorry if this is a disappointment to any of you.

Probably will start with the real writing tonight or tomorrow depending on whether my dad decides he finally wants to check out Dogma after dinner (we've been watching Kevin Smith college "lectures" and enjoying them muchly). Thinking I'm going to borrow matociquala's habit of posting word counts and snippets along the way. I've already pulled together an opening to join in the sharing at yaandmgwriters, so I will leave you with that:

(Subject to change as the muse strikes me)

From the moment she stepped into the office, Angie knew it was going to be one of those days. She'd only been at McLellan High for ten minutes, and already she was seeing things.

Leaves. They fluttered between the shadowed creases of the trench coat. They unfurled into blunt hearts, like the papery-brown shapes she'd brushed through on the front walk that morning. Poplar. She might have thought they were real, if the light hadn't shone right through them when they flickered out from beneath the chair, and if it weren't rather unheard of for teenage boys to shed dying leaves.

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