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Lately I've been on a kick of playing computer games I loved when I was a teen. First I found Secret of Monkey Island, which was just as much fun as I remembered (and I'm surprised how much I did remember, considering it's been at least ten years since I played it), although shorter than I expected (I mostly enjoy the part up until getting to Monkey Island, and that took me about an hour :P ). Then, I finally re-discovered the name of a game I played over and over, ten years ago: King's Bounty. So I have been playing that again, and it takes much more than one hour, and dammit I am going to conquer the final castle this time! (I never managed to beat the game, even on the easiest setting.) I never knew it was the precursor for the Might and Magic games so now I'm going to have to check those out, too.

Other favorite, old games I may try to dig up: Warlords (I think it was II that I played, but it might have been the first), the first Civilization game, the early Lemmings games, Sim Ant.

But don't worry, I have also been writing. I started the third draft of Possessing Lucy this morning and wrote the first two chapters (which was one chapter in the last draft but I have decided to split it up), about 2500 words. That was the easy part. They didn't change much. The next few chapters are the not-so-bad part, where mostly the same things happen but I'm doing some rearranging and compressing and I have to keep a close eye on my narrator's voice. Then we get to the hard part. The same basic sorts of things happen but I will be able to rely on the previous draft very little. I am nervous about this part, because I'm not entirely happy with my new outline, but I have this sense that I won't know how to write it properly until I'm there and Lucy's talking to me about it. So okay, I'm going along with it. Fingers crossed!
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