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A turtle start

A little over 600 words. My usual minimum, once I get started, is 1000 words a day, but I'm tired and if I keep writing I'll feel like it's crap, and it quite likely will be, and then I'll get all grouchy about it, and the muse will sulk and leave. I have the excuse of having been at or going to or from work for eight hours of the day. And I spent too much time looking for character pics. Visuals are nice. Cannot find a good one for my hero-boy. He doesn't seem to mind. I think he likes being obscure.

Whereas Kevin just throws me things like spontaneous Jabberwocky quotes.

This first part is kind of tricky because I've already written one version of the first three chapters. It's not going to stay the same, but I'm trying to confiscate all the juicy stuff from the old version and work it into the new. Which means lots of stopping to rethink things. I suspect it'll be easier once I'm going straight from scratch.

The hardest part about the novel in general, I think, is going to be finding the balance between my usual style and a YA-friendly style. They're not that different, but there's definitely more telling expected in YA, and more humour, and just overall a sort of, er, lighter touch, you could say. Difficult to explain. And at the same time, trying to work in the Jungian/Campbell-ian/mythological stuff... Maybe I should take a few juggling lessons. Content and tone. Sticky stuff. But fun nonetheless. :)

Have joined Critters because I figure I'll want to get as much feedback as possible on this thing. Possibly will send rough draft to SFF-OWW and first revision to Critters people. Or first revision to one and second to other. Am leary about letting anyone see rough drafts, but on the other hand am equally leary about writing the damn thing twice over before getting any idea what anyone else thinks of it. Will ponder this further once I actually have enough to bother sharing.

Anyone here want to volunteer as reader? :D Name the draft, and it shall be yours.

No snippets today.

Alas, I still have to wash dishes.

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