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I've got to say, I don't generally enjoy being photographed, but that was one of the most fun things I've gotten to do as a writer (other than writing, of course). :D

I ventured out into the very cold weather yesterday, unable to wear a hat because it would muck up my hair (very thankful for that hood, I can tell you), and arrived at the photographer's place early.

He has a make-up artist who often works with him, so first she did my face. Which was a very good thing because I only put on more than lip gloss maybe three times a year so I really don't know what to do with myself. Especially for being in front of a camera.

Then we got to the picture-taking. I had two different shirts, and we tried a few different types of lighting and lots of different angles and poses (none of which involved in infamous hand on the chin, I'm happy to note), and the photographer was so complimentary through the whole thing it was pretty easily to keep smiling and smiling. Talk about an ego boost! He showed me some of his favorite shots and I was happy to find out that sometimes I can photograph well.

What happens next: he's going to pick out ten or so pictures that he thinks are the best (out of the 160 he shot), send those to me, then I have to pick my two favorites (the tough part), and those ones I get in super-high resolution for anything I might need them for.

After the shot, with my face done up, I went grocery shopping. What can I say--we needed groceries. Oh, the glamorous life of a writer! ;)
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