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Making up for yesterday and tomorrow

3100 words. Yay me! Which makes up for the missing 400 yesterday, and the missing who-knows-what tomorrow (between work and seeing friends there will be little writing time, but I am going to see Whale Rider, which must give me some artsy credit). Actually wrote more than that as I revised the first scene about five times--that merging-past-and-present stickiness took a while to work through. Now all is well and the story is running along merrily. Mr. Cole is happy (well, as happy as he gets) because he got to give his lecture on why Animal Farm is not really about Russia.


"Yes," he said, "I know that's what everyone says it's about. And it's a lovely analogy. But that is not what the story is about. Story and analogy are not the same thing, and if you get them mixed up I guarantee you will see Fs on your essays. There's the surface level, and there's what's beneath, and both--" He pointed the corner of the book at them. "--are equally important. These authors are tricky bastards. If you spend all your time mooning over metaphors, you're apt to miss what's under your nose."


Which has everything and nothing to do with the novel itself all at the same time. Teehee. And I think he and I need to have a talk about the overuse of emphasis italics.

But none of you are really interested in this anyway, because you're all too busy reading Harry Potter. :P

mlc <--who hasn't even read GoF, because it's the playfulness of the first three that she likes, dammit, so if it's going to get grown-up she'll just ignore the rest (plus she was peeved by the end of PoA, but that is another story)
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