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The 'why isn't winter over yet' complaining post

It snowed (a lot) again yesterday. And we're supposed to get a bunch more starting tomorrow night. I think Mother Nature is trying to make up for the fact that most of January felt like April. 'Oops, I slacked off a little in the middle there. Well, I'll just throw in a bunch of extra snow at the end, and they'll never know the difference.'

Actually, I don't mind the snow so much. Downtown, the streets get plowed and the sidewalks get shoveled pretty quick. It's the slush. Slush is evil. Especially the slush that collects in heaps around the sidewalk corners, hiding deep puddles of slushy water that are far to wide to jump over unless you want to risk slipping and falling face first into all that brownish-grayish mush. There should be a law against the stuff. Or something.

I can't complain too much, though, because there wouldn't be all that slush if it wasn't getting warming (between the periodic blizzards). Spring is coming! Even if it is making its way here in a very sneaky, undercover sort of way, as if it's afraid winter will send out the hired guns if it makes itself known too early.
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