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For Toronto people or people who know Toronto people

To those who do not live near Toronto but know writers who do, feel free to pass this on!

As you may or may not know, I've been the maintainer (or whatever you call it) of an in-person speculative fiction critique group for the last four and a half years, known (for lack of a better name) as the Toronto SF Writers Group. Unfortunately it seems to be somewhat hard to find spec fic writers in Toronto who are interested in an in-person group, and our numbers have been dwindling. Thus, we are now seeking fresh blood!


1. If you write speculative fiction (of any sort: high fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, horror, magic realism, it's all good) for adults or teens (three of us in the group write YA), short stories or novels or both...

2. And you live in the Toronto area...

3. And you're interested in meeting with like-minded people to exchange critiques and talk about writerly stuff and possibly do a writer's retreat in the summer (we did one last year that was lovely and we're planning to do another this year)...

Please comment here or send an e-mail to the group's addy.

We're all pretty serious about this, aiming for publication, but we have a lot of fun, too!
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