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Don't think of it as reasonable; think of it as terrifying.

Today: 1900 words
Yesterday: 200 words

Spent most of yesterday morning before work figuring out what was going to happen in the next chapter, and thankfully it wasn't as hard as I feared it might be. Now I have to write it. Have brought myself to the verge of the Important Part Of The Scene and am too tired to try to attempt it now.

Haven't been getting enough sleep.

Post title is from Veda Hille's song "INSTRUCTIONS". Seems like good advice when considering most writerly endeavours. ;) I saw her perform at Harbourfront yesterday night (yay for free concerts!). Very interesting material, I picked up one of her CDs right away. Kind of like Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, and Kristin Hersh all thrown in together (musically/vocally), but lyrics from all over the place, impossible to categorize--everything from first grade plant books to Emily Carr's journal entries.

1. Pick it up and put it in your pocket.
2. Your name here.
3. Hold a towel in your mouth and be reminded of his clean skin.
4. Don't let them shrivel on the vine.
5. Forget it.
6. When you hear a mechanical instrument, think of a child shrieking.
7. To all peaks carry water.
8. Clean the wound and take note of the metal.
9. Buy what you can.
10. Don't be afraid to be like her.
11. Learn to recognize the beauty of your own back.
12. C'mon everyone, drink up.
13. Run with whatever you can carry.
14. Remember that you bleed more easily.
15. Don't think of it as reasonable; think of it as terrifying.
16. When blinded, construct images around unknown sounds, and assume you are correct.
17. Remember to surface.
18. Endeavor to dive.


P.S. On the musical note (ack, pun!), have also gotten tickets to the White Stripes concert in August. sallyrei, you must fly over and see them with me. :)
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