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What I've been up to

Since it's been a while--what I've been up to in the last two weeks:

-Applied for a writer's grant (cross your fingers for me! I won't hear for three months)

-Started synopsizing the theoretical next-two-books to follow POSSESSING LUCY. (I pretty much have the second figured, in terms of basics; the third may take a little more time. So many characters! So many plot threads! Why did I think it was a good idea to write a paranormal-crime-noir trilogy/series/something again?)

-Heard back from my editor about my revision of GIVING UP THE GHOST. (For the most part I am awesome but the ending needs some tweaking; waiting for details on that.)

-Did my last day of filling in as a special needs assistant at school (for this school year). Their summer vacation starts in a week, and my summer shifts are shorter, so soon there will be extra writing time. Woohoo!

-Obtained way too many books. I am always BookMooching, and then I went to the store to pick up a book for the swap the Debs are doing and ended up with three more for me (in my defense, two were books I'd already read but wanted my own copies of. supporting the author! this can never be wrong!), and then someone posted in the Toronto LJ community a bunch of YA books they were selling at a very low price which included four I'd been meaning to get, and, well...

I have pretty much accepted I will never get through my to-read pile. It grows to fast for me to keep up. In theory, BookMooch is supposed to help by at least not letting my book shelves collapse, but I'm finding myself reluctant to put up even books I only liked, not loved, these days (that used to be my policy--3 stars or less on GoodReads = goes in the Mooch pile). I am a book addict. I admit it freely. No intervention necessary. :)
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