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Don't you love the paradox?

1050 words. Had to push for those. Really not in a good mood for this today; was not getting into the characters, so it came out as very surface level stuff. Stuff that will need to be thoroughly rewritten when the time comes, but so it goes. Have tomorrow totally free; intend to make good use of it.

Have passed the test which gives me driving rights for life (providing I don't piss anyone off too much). Huzzah! Perhaps sadly, my first thought was that someone is confident I won't kill anyone, at least not by automobile. This should not have been as reassuring as it was. At least it means I may be able to talk people into renting me a car now, should I want to wander off into the wilderness to write and not have the family car available to borrow.

Wandered into a couple of message board posts where people were talking about working on six novels at once. Cannot conceive of why anyone would put themselves through that when one is mind-bending enough. Of course, I guess that depends on to what extent said novels are making it onto the page.

That mind-page transition. It's a bugger. Also the page-publication transition. At least the former is under one's control, theoretically speaking.

Ideomancer has had "Horns" for nearly three months. A query a few weeks back confirmed that they had received it and simply hadn't decided on it yet. Am trying not to get too hopeful. Really am simply glad they've apparently found it worth considering.

The real long shot, of course, is "Frozen" over at Scifiction. But hey, they've had it eight weeks now. At least it seems they didn't toss it back the second they glanced at it.

*crosses fingers*

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