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2nd Revision Done!

Today I had two shifts about four hours apart, both quite far from home, so I lugged my laptop along with me and in between sat in a coffee shop going over GHOST one last time, while sipping a frozen chocolate beverage and feeling very authorly. :D And then, having discovered that I was pretty darn happy with how the changes worked out, I sent it off. With a little luck, it'll be heading off to copy-edits soon!

For those interested in revision processes, this is what I've been doing over the last few weeks:

-made notes for each chapter for how to incorporate the broader goals of the revision
-printed out the manuscript and went through the whole thing, making edits for the broad goals and also the smaller comments my editor had written into her copy of the novel (I always edit on paper because I skim less and focus better that way... though it does make me sad for the trees :P )
-took the paper manuscript to the computer and entered all my changes into a new electronic copy of the manuscript (another benefit of editing first on paper is I have to consider all my changes a second time as I enter them in--and I do end up re-editing quite a bit as I go)
-printed out the scenes that had the most changes to read over again and make sure the entire chapters flowed well with the new material and make small edits where necessary
-entered those edits
-declared myself done!
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