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Friday Five

This was a pretty awesome week. Five reasons why:

1. I got to meet one of my LJ friends and fellow Debs, rj_anderson! We had a very yummy lunch at an Indian place, browsed a bookstore, and had much interesting conversation about books and writing and the like.

2. At said bookstore, I found four books I'd been meaning to get--all on sale! Can't argue with that.

3. I finished outlining my new WIP, and am happy enough with it that I feel confident saying it is my next WIP. :D It also has the honor of being the only book idea I've gotten that started with a title: LOKI'S BOY. Now I know what I'm writing at the retreat (only one week away!).

4. The book I've been reading this week is turning out to be quite good--THROUGH WOLF'S EYES by Jane Lindskold. I don't often enjoy adult high fantasy these days so I'm really glad I happened to pick this up.

5. I stumbled upon the perfect answer to my wording quandary (see previous entry) while doing my LOKI'S BOY research. Apparently, if you were a Norseman and you wanted to swear something particularly solemnly, you took a ring-oath. I still think there was another (more general) word that I still haven't figured out, but I'm quite happy to go with the historical one. :)
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