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Megan's Favorite Links: Writing

I've been meaning to put together a few lists of my favorite links for quite a while. This first one is all about writing (I'm hoping to follow with one on publishing and one on promotion--or possibly those will end up together). I'll link it to my main journal page, and make a post when I add to it.

These are, of course, not the only pages I've found interesting in my internet travels, but they are the ones that made me bookmark them so I could come back for future reference. :)

Please note: I've tried to only include public discussions but some of the message board links may require you be a member.


Talking Books - Senior Editor Cheryl Klein talks about writing, editing, and publishing.

The Study of Teen Reader Insights - The Disco Mermaids ask teens about what they like and dislike in books.

All the other things I could be talking about - Author Elizabeth Bear comments on art, agendas, and politics. Most important point: "Any given work of art cannot show every aspect of a conversation."


The Essentials of Plot - My favorite of editor Cheryl Klein's talks.

The Great Swampy Middle - Author Jim Butcher discusses getting through that difficult middle section.

Plotting Templates - A discussion at Verla Kay's Board about plotting templates including one very detailed, 9-step one.

The Big Picture - Lots of thoughts on large-scale revisions and making sure you don't lose the main plot during them, again at Verla's.

Characters and POV:

Author Shanna Swendson wrote a series of posts on hero archetypes and the different ways they can be portrayed and played with, using examples mainly from Buffy and Harry Potter: Archetypes and Lost Souls gives the introduction to the posts, and my faves in the series are What vs. Why, Internal vs. External, and Archetypes and Character Complexity.

How do you create characters who drive the story? - Great discussion at Verla Kay's Board about keeping your main characters active.

First Person or Third Person? - Agent Nathan Bransford considers the POV dilemma.

The Big Black Moment - Great conference notes from author Robin Prehn, including lots of detail on character emotional growth.

Keep it TENSE. Let there be MOTIVE. - Brief but spot-on post by author Mary Beth Kelsey on character motivation and tension.


A Balancing Act - Author Diana Peterfreund talks about writing sequels and series.

How do you write a kick-ass series? Author Carrie Vaughan talks about her favorite book series and the lessons she's learned from it.

Series Writing - An open discussion at fangs_fur_fey on reading and writing series.

Keeping It All Together - Author Yasmine Galenorn explains how she keeps track of all the details of her series world (techniques can apply to stand-alones, too!).


An interesting discussion on innate magic vs. learned magic over at the journal of author Hannah Wolf Bowen.

Nature's Daredevils: Writing for Young Audiences - Author Cory Doctorow talks about writing YA.

Ten Epic Fantasy Themes We Don't See Often Enough - Author N. K. Jemisin offers ten themes she'd like to see more fantasy writers exploring.

The Strange - Illustrator Ursula Vernon wants to know why fantasy writers don't push past the standard limits of the genre.


Fight Scenes Examined - Author Rachel Vincent explains how she approaches fight scenes.
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