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When characters balk

2150 words. Wrote twice as much tonight as in the same amount of time this morning. Why? Because I had a little revelation.

Have been finding things a little slow going over the last few of days, and mulled it over, and though I was probably just tired after possibly over-extending myself on Tuesday. Nope. Problem was, as occurred to me as my mind wandered while preparing my notes at work today, that my main character really isn't happy with the way things are going for her at this point in the story, but I haven't been letting her express that. You see, I hadn't realized, and she hadn't bothered to tell me. She'd just made things draggy instead. Kind of a passive-aggressive thing going on there. Which suits her personality, but I still wish she'd just hit me over the head with it, because now I have a couple of chapters that are rather out-of-sync with what I'm going to be writing now. There's no way I'm going back and rewriting all that now, so I'm just continuing as if I'd already established her current state.

Another good reason why not to give out rough-drafts-in-progress for critique.

Of course that'll be something to smooth out when it comes to the second draft. No point in getting stalled over it now. Things seem a lot clearer up ahead now. I understand her better. I understand what her deal is, so to speak, and I don't think I really had before. So it was a productive day if not an incredibly wordy one.

I have also reinstalled MSN Messenger, but I am wary as to its time-wasting potential. So if I have it open, I'll probably have it perpetually set to Busy, and if I see someone come online and I have time to chat, I'll switch it off. Please don't be offended if I don't. Just means I'm either in the middle of writing or trying to gear myself up for a writing session. Or not even at the computers.

And finally, the last non-writing bit for a while...


Skip is still being too skittish for me to get pictures of him in his travels around the room, so these two are from inside the cage:

Sleepyhead! (He's snoring as I write this.)

And because it wouldn't be nice to leave Reiko out (plus she does pose so prettily):

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