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A word about the bonsai

4200 words. Stopped because the very next sentence requires me to do research, which I will do tomorrow. Not at lot of research. The tricky part will be working it into the story in a way that doesn't bore people to ceiling-tile-counting.

Am finding I get annoyed sometimes because my instinct is to avoid repetition, but sometimes characters smile more than once in the same damn scene, and I want to note this so the reader can see, but I don't want to start using pretentious ways of saying someone smiled without actually saying it. I mean, there are a few variations, but not many. Harumph.

On the other hand, things are obviously going well if this is the only thing I can find to annoy me about the writing. ;)

Rearranged a couple of scenes today. Index cards are handy for that. I just realized that I had a sort of nothing scene and that it made more sense for something a couple of scenes later to happen then, so I sort of merged them together. It's fun being flexible. Gives me the feeling that the novel is growing itself rather than being clipped and twisted like a bonsai tree.

Oooh, look at the pretty simile.

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