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Novel withdrawal

As exciting as it is to type those words, "The End"... Wow, do I miss having my story to work on! I find this happens with every book, especially after the second draft (because that's my favorite draft to write). Once the relief of getting the thing done fades, the withdrawal pangs set in. That rush when I figure out something that makes the story work that much better. The characters I've been living with for weeks. I want them back! Wah! Heh.

Which means my mind is scrambling for some new project to fall in love with and get me back to that writer's high. Never mind that I've already theoretically planned out my writing time for the next couple months (finish up some materials related to GUTG, do any additional revisions needed on PL, then do a third draft of THH over the winter holidays). No doubt in another hour or two I will be flipping through my idea box looking for the next story that'll set off those creative sparks and make me giddy.

And if I find one, well... Plans are made for rearranging. ;)
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