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Romance recs?

Since I am sort of looking for a new project, and I know one thing I'd like to finally incorporate into a book more fully is a romance, I've been considering examples of romance in books that I like as inspiration.

What I'm finding is that there aren't a whole lot of examples of romance in books I like, or examples of romance I like in books I've read. :P

Most of the romances I really love, there's very little actually *in* the book. It's just hinted at here and there and I want more! Which is good, but since I'm trying to write a book where the romance is more present, those examples are not very helpful. (Most of my favorite more-present romances are in TV shows and movies, which are useful to some extent... but I still want book examples.)

So, people, I need your recs! Your favorite books with a strong romantic subplot (i.e., not the main plot, but an important part of the story)! YA or adult, any genre, it's all good.
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